Deliverables and Milestones

These scenarios, provided by the Austrian partner IIASA, cover a wide range of future trajectories for global development of climate change mitigation, economic growth, population development and overall use of natural resources. The forest modellers will utilize the scenarios to upgrade the different decision support systems used in the participating countries mainly in terms of climate modelling, forest owner behaviour, and ecosystem service provision.


ALTERFOR explores the potential to optimise forest management models currently in use in different forested areas in European countries. For this reason, the research partners in the participating countries have studied the stakeholders´ interests in the case study areas and their power resources. The case studies show that forest management challenges in the 21st century might require new and adapted forest management models, which optimize the ecosystem service basket provided by forests. Especially the challenges resulting from climate change and the increasing importance of renewable energy sources provided by forests impact forest management in the many of the case study areas. In several cases, catastrophic events (like forest fires or windfalls), related to climate change, constitute a major threat.