Project Diary

ALTERFOR Project Diary is a continuous multimedial documentation of actor-oriented research activities.


The third ALTERFOR film “Modelling - Part II: Simulation” is available online.

This film shows how chances and risks of alternative silvicultural concepts are calculated and visualised using SILVA, a forest growth simulator. SILVA was developed at the Chair of Forest Yield Science of Technical University of Munich. 

Video: doku|skopía GbR.

The second ALTERFOR film “Modelling – Part I: Research Plot” is available online

ALTERFOR researchers Dr. Peter Biber (Case Study Coordinator Germany), Werner Poschenrieder (Forest Ecosystem Modeller) and Fabian Schwaiger (Silvicultural Scenario Analyst), all working at the Technical University of Munich, demonstrate measurements on the research plot “Freising 813” (Bavaria, Germany) with spruce and beech (the main tree species in this area).

Video: doku|skopía GbR.

The first ALTERFOR film “Actor Analysis – Observations” is now available online.

Video: doku|skopía GbR.

ALTERFOR scientist Dr. Nataly Jürges (Georg-August University Göttingen) explains the main steps of the actor analysis in the project. In addition, two actors from the case study area “Lieberose/Schlaubetal” in Brandeburg, Germany - Arne Barkhausen (Landesbetrieb Forst Brandenburg) and Jenny Eisenschmidt (Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation) highlight practitioners´ current needs and potential benefits that they expect from the research results.   



10/2017 Cross-project meeting and travellab in Galway, Ireland

ALTERFOR 2nd cross-project meeting took place on 17-19 October 2017 in Galway (Ireland). Scientific and non-academic project partners and several stakeholders attended the meeting sessions and discussed current issues related to forest management models.

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10/2017 ALTERFOR scientists at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress

The IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress took place in Freiburg (Germany) aiming at interconnecting decision makers, scientists and stakeholders in September 2017. ALTERFOR scientists presented their project-related research findings to the audience of the largest forest research conference in this year. 

Read more: "Looking back at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress" in ALTERFOR Newsletter III

05/2017 Project Results in WP1

D1.1 and MS2 - FMM descriptions

These reports map Forest Management Models (FMMs) that are applied on 10 Case Study Areas (CSAs) within 9 countries of the ALTERFOR consortium.


03/2017 Project Results in WP4

D4.1 Report on actors driving FMMs in selected European countries

ALTERFOR explores the potential to optimise forest management models currently in use in different forested areas in European countries. For this reason, the research partners in the participating countries have studied the stakeholders´ interests in the case study areas and their power resources. 


01/2017 ALTERFOR on LinkedIn

01/2017 Project Results in WP3

MS9 - Quality standard to be met  by the upgraded DSSs

This document sets out the (minimum) standard for the DSSs used in the ALTERFOR project. 



11/2016 Cross-Project Meeting and Travellab in Zvolen, Slovakia

The first project meeting was organised in Zvolen (Slovakia) on 8-10 November 2016.  The project meeting sessions were accompanied by “Travellab”, an innovative format for cross-regional learning and knowledge transfer. It combines the conventional field excursion with round table discussions with local stakeholders and follow up sessions in order to better understand the local context and improve knowledge about current and alternative forest management models (FMMs) and their implementation.

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10/2016 Project Results in WP2

MS6 Global and country specific prospective scenarios

These scenarios, provided by the Austrian partner IIASA, cover a wide range of future trajectories for global development of climate change mitigation, economic growth, population development and overall use of natural resources. The forest modellers will utilize the scenarios to upgrade the different decision support systems used in the participating countries mainly in terms of climate modelling, forest owner behaviour, and ecosystem service provision.

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09/2016 Workshop and training in Göttingen

26-30 September 2016 Göttingen, Germany

The Department of Forest and Nature Conservation Policy at Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany, which leads work package four, co-ordinates the research efforts to enhance implementation of alternative forest management models in the case study areas and beyond, organised the workshop “Forest Policy Issues & Actor Networks in the Case Studies” from 26-30 September 2016. 

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6-8 April 2016

Kick-off Meeting in Alnarp, Sweden

More than 60 researchers and representatives of forest-related associations and organisations from nine European countries met for the kick-off meeting of ALTERFOR in Alnarp, Sweden on 6-8 April 2016.

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